La Garriga is a municipality in the region of Vallès Oriental. Located 40 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​is part of the Natural Park Montseny, La Garriga has had a strong growth due to population movement towards the periphery of the city of Barcelona.

The town is crossed from north to south, by the river Congost, a tributary of the river Besòs. At the height of the bridges of Figaro, the river has a lock which is born Monar canal, a waterway that initially had the role of managing the mill Can Blancafort, north of town, and that in the course of the centuries was extending to irrigate the fields, was made through the town from north to south and determined the existence of small and narrow, typical of a part of the town center streets. Even today, irrigation, largely buried, leads the water below the village houses.

The population is circumvallate by the C-17 motorway, connecting Barcelona with Vic. It also runs through the city railway line from Barcelona to Puigcerdà and Tor de Querol.

In the urban structure of the town strongly emphasizes the Paseo, an urban road opened in 1878 almost a kilometer long, shaded by two rows of enormous plane trees 272 initially from the Devesa Park of Girona. It is the most elegant avenue of the Garriga.

La Garriga is known throughout Catalonia for its most important industry, the furniture, as well as for its hot springs, its modernist buildings by summer and carpets of flowers that are performed during the feast of Corpus Christi. Corpus, La Garriga smells like flowers.

The Maurí Library Foundation Museum, located in Cardedeu of Garriga, collects the bequest of the famous notary Joseph Maurí and Serra, favorite son of the Garriga.

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